Was Google+ a Success or a Failure?

Google seems to do excel as a search engine but has a terrible track record on the rest of the internet as it seeks to expand its influence. Google+ was launched as an obvious competitor to the two main social networks of Twitter and Facebook. It seems that despite a strong start, the buzz (incidentally, the name of Google’s last failed social media project) is really starting to die down.

Initial Success

Google had some great initial success with their new social network and this was put down mainly to the reach of their search engine. It also attracted a lot of people looking to improve their chances for their website in the Google rankings. (Many SEO experts saw it as a big chance in the companies search ranking strategy.

How is Google doing now that the initial success has died down though? It seems more and more likely that the search engine giant needs to stick to good old fashioned search.

Ready for Business

While most businesses have been concentrating on broader, more important IT plans such as Facebook advertising, Google’s Ad-sense, Microsoft Office programs, maintenance software and other essential services, Google+ still received a big welcome from businesses. Part of this was possibly due to the assumption that presence on the social network would increase a website’s ranking. However, it does not matter so much if there are no users on Google’s network for businesses to target.

Backing from the Big Boy

Even though the social network is struggling, it does have the backing and promotion from the biggest player on the internet. Most of us cannot go a day without seeing the + symbol that Google has chosen. This means that every search that is performed – and the majority are from Google – will more than likely also show a little plus symbol.

Despite the lack of users compared to other social media sites, and the all-important usage data, Google+ still has a button on most web pages. It seems that web designers are still reluctant to turn their nose up at Google just yet lest they be punished in the search result pages.

Crushed by the Competition

If we are being honest about Google’s latest social experiment in social media then it would have to be deemed a complete failure. For a social network to succeed it really needs to be done organically much like Twitter and Facebook. The public may be susceptible to being directed towards what Google wants them to see, but they do not like to be force fed. As they say, you can lead a user to Google+ but you can’t make them post updates.

Too Soon to Tell

It may be too soon to tell and while Google may not have an instant winner, more likely than a cash drain, it is a massive company. The biggest search engine in the world does have the resources to seriously challenge other social networks. For many internet professionals though it seems like they cannot resist yet another social network to update… where do they get the time?

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