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Your Facebook Fans are not reading your updates, or are they?

If you are a business on Facebook you probably have a Facebook business page and hopefully you’ll have some fans to share out your content with.  But are these fans seeing all the updates you provide?  Unless you have something interesting to get your fans coming back to your page then you are relying on them seeing this content in the newsfeed. 

The newsfeed is your personal list of updates from a selection of people you are friends with and businesses that you are fans of.  What’s interesting is that the default view of your newsfeed is not the most recent updates.  The default view is ‘top news’ and that’s what Facebook think is top news.

What most people don’t realize is that not all updates go onto the newsfeed.  So you could be putting an update on your business page and Facebook may never decide to put this update on the ‘top news’ list.

So how do you ensure that you get your update onto the top news.    Well when Facebook have a look at your update it checks a few things to find out how interesting it is:

a). Interaction on the content – If you post a piece of content and nobody interacts with it (like, share or comment) then it mustn’t be that interesting.  Facebook only want to share interesting content.  That’s why Facebook Competitions work so well.

b). Age of content – Who likes old content?  If it’s a couple of days old it’s not going to do well so give up on it and try some new content.

c). Previous interactions – If somebody posts content and you interact with it then next time they post content you may be interested in it.

So next time you’re posting some content make it interesting.

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    jason @ mobile website design

    Most important point there is your last one! Keep it interesting and, to coin a teenage phrase, keep it real!

    Friday 19th August 2011, 12:54 am

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