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Like Enda Kenny, the first100days will define your success in a new job

As we watched Enda Kenny proceed through the ceremonial essentials of taking on his new role, how many were taken by the sense of sheer joy and personal satisfaction of having achieved so much and landed the big  job. Dail colleagues, support and opposition, gave him that space and joined with him in a largely light hearted and collegial manner to see through a momentus personal event. One hopes he managed to enjoy the occasion.  But today dawned and so began the very serious task of meeting the expectations of those who appointed him and take on the challenges the electorate have set out.

Without pause,  he has moved on from his once primary goal of getting the job to doing the job. He can’t hang about. Everyone now is wondering what will be his first100days legacy.

Like Enda, for anybody starting out on a new role, a new job, any new challenge, the elation of the win is quickly surpassed by the urgency to engage and to do so with impact. Suddenly, to deliver and to be seen to deliver becomes an imperative.

When you start a new job, what might be  the critical elements of your first100days strategy?

  • Diagnose the situation. Understand your mandate, your challenges and your opportunities.
  • Seek feedback and objective input from people you trust.
  • Gain insight into your personal strengths, your weaknesses and identify any important vulnerabilites or development needs.
  • Start building productive relationships from the start.
  • Be confident about your ability to successfully complete the transition from your old job to the new role.
  • Be sure to avail of the supports available around you. You really aren’t expected to do it all by yourself.
  • Develop a first100days plan that includes a strategy for personal effectiveness, engagement of others and communication.
  • Set out to achieve impact, establish credibility and to build momentum to suit your style within the first100days. 

Barry O’Sullivan runs the Moonbeam Consulting First100Days programme which is ideally suited to new or experienced executives who face new roles and challenges. Focusing on the development of business and personal strategy it provides external objective support  to the individual during that critical first 100 day period.

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    Richard Casey

    Barry, How true. The country’s eyes are on Enda and what he will do in the first 100 days but I bet that he had a team that helped him to develop this plan. I know of many Managers and Executives that could have done with the same support during their careers. I hope that your programme will help others achieve the success they deserve.

    Thursday 10th March 2011, 9:41 pm

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