Technology Transforming Healthy Living

Technology undoubtedly has the upper hand over our lifestyle; we are blessed and cursed by it. This dubious thought comes to our mind when we think of greatest innovation to make our life easy and comfortable we feel blessed but when we remember the hi-tech war or disagreement amongst us we can’t think anything but being cursed by the technical advancement. It is the fact, parents of teenagers gets paranoid most of the time by wondering what digital social media is bringing to their children, most of the time they are unsure of the effects of it.

We live in a world which is well balanced by pros and cons, and here is some good news that technology has bought and even continuously bringing to the world of health care. Health care is the sector used to be very fragile and technology has taken the oath to make it stable and take it at its par so that we can have a longer life to be happy and worried at the same time.

Dr. Watson is the new designer software, exclusively for the health care sector to crunch the data of the patients at a particular place to bring the ease to finding data like patient history, up-to-date check up updates, and recommended treatment in the past, diagnostic analysis and many more. Every patient will have database where all the data will be secured and saved with specific consultant name. It can not only bring the easier accessibility but the ability to save a junk of time and ease the communication.

Internet has bought our world on a platter, where Asians are consulting with European physicians or American doctors are treating African patients and vice versa. In this scenario dialect barrier can really generate a fence of communication problem. The premise of Omnifluent has washed away the entire obstacle one could encounter with when both the people do not know the common language. It is a translation program which can instant translate. This offering of technology has given an option if you don’t know the same language your doctor speak you no longer need any translator, this translation program can immediately translate your message.

We are so familiar with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc for social commutation, likewise; Doximity is the social media platform especially designed for the physicians. Knowledge is more secure when it is shared. This social media platform made it dynamic when a physician requires any further consultation from another expert over some critical medical cases or difficult surgery, Doximity serves this possibility. This is also helping to create the pool of knowledge decorated over a common podium. The ray of advancement and the spirit of fighting deadly diseases or challenges are being shared commonly through the amelioration of technological progression.

No doubt technology is boosting the health care sector manifold with its infinite potentials. Mobile apps, social media platform, translation program, hi-tech diagnostic machines and evolved techniques all indication towards a brighter day of future with hope of better and secure life.

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Performing When You Are Not In the Mood / How to Get In the Mood

Musicians are generally known to be emotional and sensitive. It is important for them to be in the right mood to create good music. One can get plenty of music jobs but even one bad performance can leave a bad impression in the minds of the listeners, and can further affect the reputation of the musician. Thus it is very important to be happy while performing.

It is good to be in the right frame of mind while performing because how you are feeling can really make a big difference in your act. But it is not possible to always be in a good mood. So it might happen that when you have a performance or recording planned, you might not be really feeling too good due to a variety of reasons. It might be possible some times to reschedule a recording, but when it comes to live gigs or performance it might not be always possible. It is anyways not an easy task for beginners to secure music jobs.

You need to understand why you are not in the mood. There might be various reasons for a bad or sullen mood, both personal and professional. Sometimes you might just be in a bad mood in general without actually knowing what is worrying you. It would be recommended to drill down and get to the core of the worry. Once you get to the root, it might help you resolve the issue and get back into mood.

Let us start with dealing with professional issues. You should basically keep in mind that professional issues should never affect your passion for music making. It might be the case that you have taken up music jobs as a freelancer or hobbyist, but you are having troubles in your main job. You should be all the more happy to be performing then. Just let go of your worries in your job and enjoy this moment to be able to perform in front of people. This is what you have been wanting always. You must have really worked hard to reach here and practiced a lot. Do not let this moment go.

If you are actually a musician by profession, and some financial troubles have hit you, it can really make you feel down. There are always good and bad phases in the life of a musician. It is difficult to even pay your bills sometimes. Take this opportunity of performing as a way of promoting yourself. Meet with people in the crowd and see if there is someone influential. If you are recording, it is all the more great because now things will turn.

It might also be the case that you not about to get paid for the performance you are doing. It happens with all musicians that initially they need to a couple of free performances to just create a rapport and network. It can be quite frustrating to do music jobs for free when you have so many bills to pay. It can it turn affect your performance. The only way to get over it is to think about your passion for music. Remember why you have chosen this path. It needs a lot of perseverance and patience. You need to calm yourself and relax. Think of the fruits that lie ahead in the future.

At the very beginning of a music career, not much interesting stuff might happen. But this should to deter you from your goals. The worst thing to happen would be to go to a performance with a sour mood and ruin your chances of earning good reviews and consequent paying music jobs.

There might be some personal reasons bothering you too. You never plan something to go wrong just before your performance. But as you say “If something has to go wrong, it will”. It can be a big blow if something really tragic happens. It has been a big question whether an artist can perform under such circumstances. At that time, the answer lies completely with you. It is a personal choice completely, depending on the situation, how you deal with treating your performance.

If there are certain issues that cannot be resolved, and yet you decide to go ahead with your performance, make sure to be in the write state of mind. There are some general tips that can help you get into mood for your performance.

Think about how you will feel later. You must have really worked hard to secure this music gig. And now it is happening. If you do not give your best shot, all the effort that has gone behind it will go to waste. In a few days when your issues get resolved and you are back to a normal state of mind, you might regret losing such a special opportunity. It is better to realize this earlier and give a good performance, than cry over spilt milk later.

Share your current situation with your friends or band members. It is good to talk to someone about anything that is worrying you. A friend might help rejuvenate your mood and help you forget your worries. It is not essential that you need to solve your issues right away. You can take care of that after the performance as well. A few laughs with your friends or band members can help you sooth yourself.

Try to do something else. Divert your attention towards some other activity such as possibly listening to your favorite piece of music, playing some video games, reading a novel, dancing etc, anything that makes you forget about your worries for a little while. Distracting yourself for a while can help you improve your mood for a short while at least. This way you can perform in a good mood.

Finally, if nothing else works just try to give it your best. Try to clear your mind and even if your mood is not the best, try to give your best performance given the odds you are facing. This is probably the last and final option that you have. You need to realize that there will be many such ups and downs in your life but you need to be strong and keep moving on.

As you start getting your music jobs and progress to become a professional musician, you will see that life has many twists and turns in store for you. You will need to cope up with various situations and a bad mood is something you cannot really afford to do with. Although you cannot have a control on external situations, you can control your own mood by choosing your own favorite stress relieving activity.


The Remarkable Innovation in iPhone Application Development

Are you a tech-savvy person always looking for some new gadgets? Then good news awaits for you here. Designed and marketed by Apple Inc, iPhone is a smart multimedia phone of 3rd generation. The release of iPhone by Apple Inc in 2007 has driven tech-savvy people all over the world crazy. So be the next one to try this smart phone which is multimedia enabled.

What are the features of an iPhone?

Apart from multimedia, it also has high speed internet facilities and also has camera up to 3 megapixels. The adorable touch screen of an iPhone and its awesome design has made technology lovers to make iPhone a must in their list. You can get the world in your fist if you possess this mind-blowing gadget. Added to the above mentioned features, video recording, audio conferencing, voice dial are the other features that can grab your attention. If you are a tech-savvy person, this gadget will ease your desire to have the most perfect gadget. The best feature of an iPhone is its voice controlling mechanism which will surely make you dance with joy. An estimation of 21 million iPhones has been sold in the market worldwide till now. This estimated number is sure to rise up in the near future as well.

New and improved applications are developed each and every day. 80% of the mobile industry is now under the capture of this unavoidable gadget. The business of iPhone is going on a hike day by day and this remarkable gadget with its remarkable applications has taken over the cell phone industry like anything.

Why is iPhone application development important?

Outsourcing of iPhone application development is done by the numerous web developing companies worldwide because every company is inclined in gaining more by selling such smart phones. The iPhone developing companies are interested in new iPhone application development all the time because it fetches to them a huge amount of money, even greater than what they had actually paid. This enables them to make more new iPhones. All across the globe, Apple applications and custom iPhone applications have taken a toll.

In the hurl of developing applications for smart phones like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows etc, the web developing companies are deeply engrossed. They are pursuing a rat-race to develop better and the best app for smart phones. However it is ideal for the web developing companies to opt for developing apps for an iPhone because of the following reasons:

  • The resources are easily accessible and readily available.
  • Skilled and expert developers are also available easily.
  • No additional charge is involved for setting up of resources for development process.
  • iPhone application development generates higher income compared to development of apps for other smart phones.
  • Outsourcing is quite easy for iPhone application development.
  • The most recent trend in iPhone application development is GPS based development. These apps are highly profitable for navigational purpose based on location and area.

With numerous adorable features and unique apps iPhone in itself is a gem in the world of gadgets.


Facts about Cord Blood Banking

Today, parents are opting for umbilical cord blood bank because it is the best way to save your baby or close family member from disease. Statistics reveal the fact that there is only one in 2700 chance that baby will need cord blood and there is one in 1400 chance that close family member may require it. However, the blood can also be used by non family members and it is being used to treat the diseases and save life of people. It is likely that the blood will match for the non family members, but in many case the matches are made successfully.

Umbilical cord blood bank is the place where you can store newborns umbilical blood. The umbilical cord is a kind of cord that attaches from the belly button of the baby to the placenta of mother’s womb during the pregnancy. The umbilical cord is the channel wherein loads of nutrients and oxygen is stored in the growing fetus. Recently, the umbilical cord and placenta are considered as medical waste and are disposed off right after the birth.

Stem cells, researchers discovered the fact that it could cure majority of the diseases like leukemia and it help others like brain injury and Alzheimer. Umbilical cord blood is full of stem cells like spinal cord repair. Cerebral palsy has been easily treated with the assistance of stem cells. The research continues and it is believed that even people who are treated successfully with the stem cells. According to a certain research it is believed it can be a cure for potential disease. Harvesting an umbilical blood is totally a painless option to both mother and child. If you wish to donate your child’s cord blood or want to harvest for public or private use, then you need to let your doctor know the same. The cord bank will send professionals to collect the blood from the umbilical cord after it is cut and placenta is delivered.

Approximately80 ml or equivalent of 3 ounces of blood needs to be collected. The blood needs to be collected within 15 minutes of birth of the baby. The collection of arrangements is made ahead of time. The collection of the blood doesn’t interfere with the birth of baby. Donating cord blood cells to the public bank is available on free of charge basis. After the collection the cord blood is tested for several diseases. In case of any such diseases is discovered in the family. The blood is stored indefinitely for so long and the temperature is maintained. Cord banks have multiple sources of back up to avoid loss of precious resource.

If you can afford to harvest your newborns cord blood cells, then by all mean you need to do so. Banking can give you peace of mind and it will help you to save the health of your child. If you cannot afford to harvest and store your newborns cord blood consider donating the same to an umbilical cord blood bank.